Cancellation policy explained

Cancellation policy:

  • You can cancel up to 3 days before your lesson time with no charge,
  • Cancellations within 2 days of the lesson time will be charged at full price regardless of the lesson 'type'

Cancellation Policy explained:

My name is Dolly, I am one of many horses at SMS who are cared for in return for offering hours of fun and education to those wanting to learn how to ride, develop their riding skills or just have some 'me time’. My friends and I at the stables also know that we provide many people old and young with very special moments and life long memories.


When lessons are booked in my friends and I are scheduled set hours to ensure we do not do too many lessons back to back, nor that we work over our daily limit, this is both a physical and mental limit for us as working in a riding school and looking after our ever-changing riders can be difficult.


 When a lesson is cancelled, although we quite enjoy a sneaky bit of extra time to enjoy our hay our daily demands are still the same - each day we are fed, watered and cared for by the staff at SMS, this is not to mention all our routine visits throughout the year from the physio, farrier, vet and dentist, oh and all of our tack checks and repairs to ensure we are comfortable at all times.


 Just because you cancelled a lesson because it was perhaps a little too wet to ride or because a better offer arose to see a friend at the park, spare a moment to think about how I still require the same looking after whether you have ridden me or not and by booking me and cancelling others are missing out on a ride whilst I am unable to do that hour which plays a crucial role in helping my mum to pay for me and without me there wouldn’t be any riding.




Thank you.


Dolly xx